Roads in the area

An important part of the Talbot Project is the transport and movement strategy which aims to create a better environment for walking and cycling and to enhance bus provision and services, so that in the future trips are more likely to be made by these sustainable modes. The Talbot Project Master Plan area is served by the strategic road network, however it is recognised that Wallisdown Road has little capacity for additional vehicular traffic. The transport strategy has been prepared in close collaboration with both the Borough of Poole and Bournemouth Borough Council transport teams. 

A number of measures are proposed as part of the transport strategy. These include:

  • Provision of a new vehicular access off the Boundary Road roundabout that connects to Gillett Road and will form an important part of the movement network through the area.  It provides an alternative point of access and egress to the land and will reduce the need for some trips along Wallisdown Road;

  • Re-routing of buses through the Talbot Academic Quarter with buses stopping within the heart of the campus;

  • Significant enhancements to the pedestrian environment through the University campuses and provision of enhanced pedestrian crossings on Wallisdown Road;

  • Improvements to the existing network of cycle routes through the area including provision of a new strategic north-south cycle route which passes through the Talbot Academic Quarter and connects southward to the Pleasure Gardens and Bournemouth Town Centre and provides a missing link to neighbourhoods to the south of the Talbot Project area;
  • Restricting provision of car parking spaces and staff permits so that members of staff living close to the campus must choose an alternative means to access the campus; and 
  • The potential provision in the longer term, to provide a dedicated railway halt on the London to Weymouth line that runs to the south of the campus.  Further feasibility work will be required to test the deliverability of this proposition. 


Cycle Routes