Borough of Poole 

Modern Houses PooleThe Borough of Poole covers the larger southern area of the Talbot Project area.  This includes both Universities, Talbot Heath and High Moor Farm.

Local Planning Policies are contained in the Local Plan, and the Talbot Village Supplementary Planning Document (SPD), which was adopted in December 2015.  This sets out guidelines on future development opportunities for the Universities, a Business Park and a Management Plan for Talbot Heath. 

This follows a period of local uncertainty over a controversial planning application at High Moor Farm, which included a mixed-use scheme for new housing and University accommodation, together with open space.  Details are available on the Borough of Poole website planning pages.

Although the scheme gained the support of the planning authority, both Natural England and the RSPB objected on the grounds of impact on the adjacent heathland (which by the time of the applications’ determination in 2010 was protected under European legislation).  The eventual appeal was dismissed in 2012.

Talbot Heath Nature Reserve SignThis decision has prompted a rethink of approach by both the local authorities and the Talbot Village Trust and also presents a significant opportunity for the Universities.  An extensive urban area of land that might once have been developed for housing remains undeveloped, which is rare in the conurbation.

Details of the Local Planning Policies for the Borough of Poole can be viewed at the Borough of Poole Core Strategy