Talbot Village Trust

Miss Georgina Talbot
Miss Georgina Talbot

Talbot Model Village was set up through the concerns of two Victorian sisters, Georgina and Marianne Talbot, who generously built a number of cottages in one acre plots for the poor of the district.  They were concerned at the level of poverty and vagrancy amongst the local community, and helped to establish a community of cottages with large gardens to enable self-sufficiency and stability in this area of the then countryside.

They also built a school and church in the attractive romantic Picturesque style, five farms and provided land for grazing, which was often typical of Victorian benevolence by wealthy landowners.   Talbot Model Village, built between 1850 – 62, aimed to offer a complete social, economic and cultural context for the community.  The model cottages, school and public buildings, are listed buildings, and now form part of the Talbot Village Conservation Area, which is a heritage asset.  The Model Village remains of value in terms of its social history, as a record of how the Victorians addressed pressing social and rural issues.

Bournemouth Core Strategy document for further details.

The Talbot Village Trust’s Ethos

Cottage at Talbot Village

The original ethos of the Talbot sisters remains at the forefront of the Talbot Village Trust, supporting educational and cultural aspects of the community over the years since, and helping people to get along in life.  Whilst much of the land has been dispersed from the original estate by compulsory purchase and sales, The Talbot Village Trust continues to manage the remainder of the estate. 

As a Charitable Trust, it works with the universities, local authorities and supports local community organisations through charitable donations.  As a charity, The Talbot Village Trust is overseen by the Charities Commission, and has a clear purpose to continue to provide financial support to local charities and organisations, churches and schools.  Details of local projects supported can be found on the Talbot Village Trust website.

Some examples of charities supported include:

Cherry Tree Nursery, Wallisdown - A charity based on horticulture providing meaningful occupation in a supportive environment, aiming to restore well-being to people with mental illness.

Butcher’s Coppice, Scout Camp and Community Outdoor Activity Centre, Bear Cross

St Mark's Church of England School, Talbot Village, Bournemouth http://www.st-marks.bournemouth.sch.uk